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I don't see why not.   You could open an account and your 1st album would be 
info about your business and then you could create a 2nd album and put your 
photos in it.     That is, your 1st album would be photos, such as you prepare 
a page and print screen and put the "print screen" photo up as an index.   Your 
3rd album could be a photo of instructions how to pay.

The problem is how do you get the album's name and password out to the general 

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  I wonder then if that means you could use it as a web page. We could put our 
Art work up there and use the page as a pointer for others to go and see???
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    Hi Eric,

    Yes you can use Gmail to store your photos.   I store my photos at 
www.yahoo.com;   click on Photos in the middle of the page and set up a new 
account.   The site says the photo space is unlimited.    I wonder how long 
that will last.    I have lots and lots of photos up at www.yahoo.com.


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