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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:49:04 -0500

The first 50 invitations have gone out so check your inboxes.  If you have a 
problem, let me know and I will subscribe you directly.  I can only do this 10 
times per day though.  :-)


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  Dear PC-Ductape Members,

  A little over a week ago we asked you to vote on how the members feel about 
allowing off topic conversation.   We also asked how many of you would be 
willing to relocate to another list server to stay with the group if needed. 
The votes have been tallied and the overwhelming results are that over 90% of 
the list members do not mind OT conversation and are willing to relocate to 
stay with the group. So we will be consolidating both the Topica and the 
Freelists groups into one group on the Yahoo servers. There will be many 
advantages gained from this move including, chat features, file and photo 
storage, calendar, list promotion, and searchable archives. I will be 
downloading the Freelists archives to be placed on the PC-Ductape website for 
future use.

  We would like to make this move as painless as possible so your co-operation 
will be necessary. I will be sending out invitations to 50 members per day 
(maximum allowed by Yahoo) over the next few days and you will need to respond 
to the email you will receive from Yahoo before becoming a member. Please note 
that the new email address will be PC-Ductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and our website 
will feature a link to join near the top of the page. For those who don't want 
to wait for an invitation you can send an email to 
PC-Ductape-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to subscribe immediately.  Once all of the 
dust settles we will be closing the groups at Freelists and Topica.

  I realize that there are some of you who will not want to move with us and I 
sincerely hope you will change your mind, but this is the way it must be. 
Having separate lists for OT conversation was a lot of trouble and not 
efficient at times. But should you decide not to join us we will be sorry to 
see you leave.

  We expect this move to be complete within one week or at least before the New 
Year. Both the Topica and Freelists groups will be deleted after that time. I 
hope that many of you will remain with us.

  Thanks for your continued support,

  Sandi Neumann - Owner

  Pam Stryker - Moderator

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