[pcductape] Re: [PC-Ductape] Browsers will not connect to Internet.

  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 21:50:58 -0600

If I knew which patch it was I might be able to. It was a about a year ago
that I found what was causing it but if I remember correctly it gave a list
of several of their fixes that would have caused the problem. Several months
ago I went back to try and find the page/article that I'd had before and
couldn't find any references of it anymore.
I did do the winsock thing a few minutes ago though so I'll be testing it
soon. I tell ya, I've become so accustomed to the tabbed browsing feature of
Firefox that I just don't know if I could be completely happy with IE
anymore even if it did behave.
I read an article a month or 2 ago having to do with IE and why an IE7 has
not been released and they said that it was because MS was working on a
whole new from the bottom up browser. I would like confirmation that this is
so but haven't had the time to do any "want to" stuff. These days I only
have time for "have to" stuff.


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>Hi Pam,
>Well, I don't think it will fix that, but it's still worth a try and
>shouldn't hurt anything.
>Have you looked in add/remove programs to see if you can just
>uninstall the
>I noticed most of my patches are listed in there.
>Bob Noble
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>> After a lot of research I learned that one of MS's patches caused my
>> problem. It appeared to forget how to find a URL. It would look
>for *this*
>> URL on *that* site. *that* site would never be the same site.
>When I empty
>> my cache and go through and dump all my temp files that IE doesn't empty
>> then it behaves for a while. It's such a pain. Well, MS offered
>a patch to
>> fix the problem and sure enough, for the first week or 2 after I did the
>> patch it worked exactly like it is suppose to. Then it began doing its
>> forgetful act again. I live with it, use Firefox for all that I can and
>> suffer through IE when I must.
>> That's what made me say that maybe I could get lucky with this winsock
>> fix.
>> Pam
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>>>Subject: [pcductape] [PC-Ductape] Browsers will not connect to Internet.
>>>Hi Pam,
>>>Too late, I just sent it to him again. If it does what it says
>it does, it
>>>looks like a good little program to have around.
>>>Have you tried a repair on your IE? I mean just for funsies? I
>>>would expect
>>>that should fix the winsock too.
>>>Bob Noble

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