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  • Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:01:59 EDT

Hi Matt:

I think I've found the answer to your
question as well as the solution.

Hooking your PC up to a Television

If you always wanted to hook up your PC to your Television but you needed 
help, we are here for you. If you take a minute to look on the back of your PC 
you will see several different ports or connectors. There are basically three 
connectors to look for when hooking your PC to your TV. These are RCA Composite 
(Picture 1), SVIDEO (Picture 2), and VGA (Picture 3).

RCA Composite
(Picture 1) 
(Picture 2) 
(Picture 3) 

The newer your computer is, the better chance that it comes with either a RCA 
Composite or SVIDEO connection. Some notebook computers also have video 
outputs on them. When buying a new computer always look for the words "TV out" 
"video out" in the computer description.

If you only have a VGA connector and don't have an HDTV then your best choice 
is to buy a newer video card with an S-Video connector. There are other third 
party solutions out there but the quality is very poor and we do not 
recommend it.

The VGA port is the connector that's connected to your PC monitor (the TV 
like device that came with your computer). This connector is usually only 
for VGA Monitors or HDTV setups. If you have an HDTV this will give you the 
best image possible.

If you have an RCA Composite connector on the back of your computer, then you 
can use that. You may also need to power down your computer and reboot to be 
able to get the signal. You need an RCA Composite cable that will be long 
enough to reach from your computer to your PC. Connect the cable to the back of 
the computer to the back of your TV SET.

S-Video is superior to that of RCA Composite and will give you a clearer 
picture. If you have a fairly new TV you should have this connector in the 
You will need to buy an S-VIDEO cable, which you can buy just about anywhere 
you buy home video products. Connect the cable to your S-Video on the back of 
your computer and then connect it on the back of your TV.

NOTE: If your TV has many video modes you might need to select the video mode 
that the cable is plugged into. Read your instruction manual that came with 
your TV to do this.

If you have cables that are not long enough, there are some wireless 
solutions, but we have not yet tested them. We will post more information on 
this at a 
later date. In the meantime here are a couple of video cards for desktop 
computers that offer S-Video out:

RADEON 7500 Video Card from ATI (<A 

Most video cards with at least 64 Megabytes of memory will come with a 
S-Video connection and there are some with 32 Megabytes of memory that will 
with the connection as well. Prices can range from $100 all the way up to $300. 
What you get with the price is power and speed of the video card.

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