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  • Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 14:03:54 -0500

Hi Vic,
  I've been trying to find somewhere to look for those settings that
would disable Outlook Express, but  don't know where to look.  So far,
that seems to be the only program I'm having a problem with, that I know
of.  After installing Norton Systemworks. I did that checkups on the
computer, etc. that it does.  It found some registry problems and "fixed
them".  I don't know if that caused my problems, or the firewall.  I've
used Norton Systemworks 2003 and never had this problem, but that might
not mean anything.  I was thinking it is the firewall.  I'll have to
keep looking for the mail settings.  I'll let you know if I come up with

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Since your saying that this has happened since you installed that Norton
Suite - I'd say have a good look at the settings there. It is most
probable that it is somehow stopping Outlook Express from working. Is
anything else misbehaving?
I, personally, don't like Norton's products and as such don't know how
the 2004 version is set up , so I can't really tell you what to look
for. Just look for some definitions that have to do with mail or Outlook
Express. Does this suite include a firewall???  If so, it might be
blocking Outlook Express. Check it out.
Let us know - further questions welcome.


TTFN - Vic

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Subject: [pcductape] Outlook Express won't open

Every time I try to open Outlook Express, it will go to the logon page
and when you click on the identity it comes up with a Local Folders
page.  From there, you can't do anything.  Nothing works and you have to
click Ctrl Alt Delete to close the program.  The error that comes up is

Any ideas?  Thanks.  I use Outlook and my husband uses Outlook Express.
I just installed Norton Internet Security 2004 and Norton System Works
2004.  Ever since then, Outlook Express doesn't work.  My OS is Windows
XP Home Edition.  Thanks for any help.
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