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MessageHi Carl,
None of the versions of OE truly empty that file, to my knowledge.  It only
seems to cause problems when it gets big.  So glad it was an easy to fix


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  Hi  Vic,

  I used Explorer to look at all my outlook express 6 folders (.dbx files)
and I deleted all that are not needed, including a very large "deleted
items.dbx" file.   Thanks Pam for pointing that out;   I now know that oe6
does not empty that file.   Maybe I can schedule Cleanup 3.0 to do it for

  I searched for the .dbx files and my search feature does not work on this
windows xp.   I guess when I "getaroundtoit" I'll work on that issue.

  Vic, you are in our prayers.   Keep your powder dry.   My grandson who is
in the Navy in the waters near you did not understand "keep your powder
dry".  I explained that in the early years of the usa, men in the wilderness
were fearful of sudden attacks by native Americans (Indians) and they had to
load the gun power into the barrel of the rifles and if the power was wet,
it would not fire.   So, keep your power dry.


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