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First off - these are the latest drivers for nvidia cards - http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_53.03
Secondly the specs for the game say that it needs a minimum of 16 MB on the card.

About the card itself

   The Compaq NVIDIA TNT2 M64 Pro graphics controller has the same
   2D/3D core and RAMDAC as the NVIDIA TNT2. The major difference is
   that the memory bus bandwidth of the M64 Pro controller has been
   reduced to 64 bits, which restricts performance at higher resolution
   and color depth but reduces the cost considerably. Hence, the Compaq
   NVIDIA TNT2 M64 Pro controller delivers exceptional
   price/performance value and visual quality for mainstream PC-based
   applications used by small and medium business PC users.
   The 211081-B21 and 216080-B21 option kits include the graphics
   controller, a CD with WindowsÒ 2000, Windows 98/95 and Windows NTÒ
   drivers, a read-this-first card and Compaq warranty statement.


   The NVIDIA TNT2 M64 Pro processor uses the same drivers as the TNT2
   and is built with the same 0.22* *micron process. The 32-MB frame
   buffer, 32-bit color pipeline, and 32-bit Z/stencil buffer deliver
   excellent quality and performance, and its internal TwiN Texel
   architecture is one of the fastest 128-bit 3D processors on the
   market today, delivering 2 pixels-per-clock cycle and single-pass
   On a 600-MHz Pentium III 2D, the TNT2 M64 Pro controller delivers
   265 fps 2D Winbench 99 (business), 684 fps 3D Winbench 99 (16 bpp)
   and 36.4 fps 3D Winbench 2000 (16 bpp).

*Quality and Compatibility*

   Compaq has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable
   enhancement products. Compaq enhancement products are designed and
   tested to rigorous specifications, including tough qualification
   requirements for suppliers, stringent performance specifications,
   and a thorough testing process to ensure consistent quality from
   prototype to production.

Which means that it should be okay.
I'd say get the nvidia drivers, then uninstall the current drivers, reboot and reinstall, reboot again and see what happens

Lisa Schnepf wrote:

Ok, I got one for ya. Chuck's friend at work is trying to install a game. The game is Combat Flight Simulator 3. He said that every time he tries to install it, it says that the video card drivers are not compatible with the game. He's running Windows 98SE, and the video card is nVidia TNT 2M64 (DELL) We updated the drivers from driverguide.com and still the same message comes up. I don't remember the rest of the specs (Chuck called me from the guys house and I found the drivers - unless they're the wrong ones). I know he had enough hard drive space, ram, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I'll say.
This is one of the quietest list every. We all must be experts.

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        *I think me & you are all alone in this vast

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Hello.......... Hello, is anyone there?
It's lonely out here.

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