[pcductape] Re: Ok, here's one for you.......WAS: Hello.......... Hello, is anyone there?

  • From: "Don Weagant" <checkitout@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 23:48:22 -0500

On 4 Mar 2004, at 23:36, Lisa Schnepf wrote: about [pcductape] Ok, here's one 
for you.......WAS:  He

> compatible with the game.  He's running Windows 98SE, and the video card
> is nVidia TNT 2M64 (DELL)   We updated the drivers from
> driverguide.com and still the same message comes up.

I have a couple of Dells here and most of the video and sound drivers 
have to come from the Dell site, if the cards were supplied with the Dell 
computer. This does not apply, if a new card was purchase at a store.

There is usually a warning on the manufacturers site, that if it is a Dell, 
to download from Dell.This usually applys to IBM as well.

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