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  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 20:22:09 -0600

My brother told me that on a scale of 1 to 10 of fun, he had a 13.  In
between the BBQ cooking they witnessed flying "tortilla" saucers (aimed at
he and his crew), bowling pell pepper balls (emitted from his crew), dancing
in the rain (he and his wife), race car shaped pits, bulldozer shaped pits,
and lots of other self imposed adventures.  It seems that he and the
neighbor group next door to his enjoyed pulling pranks on each other.  He
told me that they were all required to display occupancy signs it their
stations, and the neighbor team's occupancy sign said 82. He said they were
regularly monitored by officials not to exceed the max occupancy for their
area. So, Donny snuck over and taped over the "8" of "82", leaving a "2",
and when the officials drove by they pointed out the exceeded maximun for
the neighbor's area, and the officials, knowing it was a joke, played the
part and went over and gave the neighbors a hard time.  That's about the
same time that they started witnessing the flying saucers too.  =)
He also mentioned that it was definitely NOT a place to bring kids, so that
tells me there was other stuff going on that you and I both are probably
glad we missed too.

I know why your wife got all your round tuits, so you couldn't spend them
anymore.  lol  See what she got out of you without them? =)


  Hi Pam,

  I use to have one too;   but it disappeared one day.    I suspect Mrs.
burned it but I can't prove it and she aint confessing.

  Btw, I did not get by the BBQ cook-off.    Mrs. already had my Saturday
committed and it was no fun.    My back still hurts from all the yard work I
HAD to do;  it just could not wait another day.    We had gotten a letter
from the neighborhood civic association and they complained about the
Christmas lights still up on the house and the tall weeds in the front yard.
So, I worked from daylight to dark and never did get any BBQ.


    I have one of those..... a round "tuit", looks a lot like a wooden
nickel.  ;-)


      Yes, I've been meaning to get one of them there USB gadgets;  just as
soon as I can get "a round to it".   :-)


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