[pcductape] Re: Norton aggravation

  • From: DGrell7446@xxxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 15:51:34 EST

In a message dated 02/08/2004 5:25:20 AM Central Standard Time, 
ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> If you are going to consider buying an anti-virus software I would 
> recommend eTrust which is made by Computer Associates and the website is  <A 
> HREF="http://ca.com/";>
> http://ca.com/</A>.   It has an anti-virus software and a firewall all built 
> into one.

     I think (last time I visited the site) that CA is still offering one 
year free on this software package. I am running it on one of my machines, (the 
firewall looks just like Zonealarm). So far so good with the software. No 
problems / conflicts. Has auto updates. 

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