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I can highly recommend Trend's PC-Cillin.  One time fee, no yearly renewal,
rated #1 (#1 spot is determined by effectiveness and can be shared with
other products who are equally as effective) in protection for 7 or 8 years
straight. Excellent customer support (I've talked to them on the phone).
Easy to use. They have a firewall included too, if you want to use it.
I agree with Carl, in that I've heard more complaints and problems with
Norton/Symantec than any other AV company.  And believe it or not they are
not always rated #1 for protection either. If they don't care enough to
provide support or be there for their customers.....

There are 2 free AV's. AntiVir and AVG. Both are decent, AntiVir often rates
higher than AVG. I would look up the URL's but I'm running behind.  I should
have left here 10 minutes ago.

Whooooooshhhhh !

Good luck with whatever you choose.
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  Been there, tried that. They have all sorts of completely useless
  online "support" and they include a number which is not a toll free number
  as well as their charges for answering any support questions over the
  If it is going to be expensive just to find out why their interface will
  accept my renewal payment, I am trying to find out if it will be less
  expensive to simply purchase the 2004 software outright rather than renew.
  have spent the last two days trying to find  reliable contact information
  for Norton at their site. I did all of that before writing pcductape.

  I was interested in finding if anyone was around with experience using
  Norton's and Zone Alarm's full range of services thinking that it might be
  smarter to use only one.


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