[pcductape] Re: Norton aggravation

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 05:24:49 -0600

Hi Jan,

If you are going to consider buying an anti-virus software I would recommend 
eTrust which is made by Computer Associates and the website is  http://ca.com/. 
  It has an anti-virus software and a firewall all built into one.


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  Been there, tried that. They have all sorts of completely useless automated
  online "support" and they include a number which is not a toll free number
  as well as their charges for answering any support questions over the phone.
  If it is going to be expensive just to find out why their interface will not
  accept my renewal payment, I am trying to find out if it will be less
  expensive to simply purchase the 2004 software outright rather than renew. I
  have spent the last two days trying to find  reliable contact information
  for Norton at their site. I did all of that before writing pcductape.

  I was interested in finding if anyone was around with experience using
  Norton's and Zone Alarm's full range of services thinking that it might be
  smarter to use only one.


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