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  • From: Bob Vandersteen <bvan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 19:20:03 -0700

At 09:21 PM 9/3/03 -0400, BREZZ132@xxxxxx wrote:

Need some "opinions" - - -

My daughter bought me a copy of Norton SystemWorks 2003 for my birthday. I have been using AVG for virus control, Zone Alarm (free) for Internet protection, and Ontrack's System Suite for registry cleanup. Norton PURPORTEDLY does all those functions. At least that's what my daughter claims. ( She has the Norton package on her PC and says it works just fine.)
I've heard some NEGATIVE comments about Norton in the past and I'm wondering if anyone would share their experiences with me, on this subject. Also, if I do install the Norton, (I should say Symantic, since Norton is long since gone from that package)
Will I (Should I) have to remove my existing protective programs.???
TIA, Jupiter Matt

Can you return it, and apply the $$$'s toward something else ?

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