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great urls..but now Diane wants me to buy one of those rocks..:-)
She wants to know if you ever go and visit any of these places...
I don't know why but she likes dirt and rocks..
one trip outside when we were messing about in the new Mexico  and Arizona
desert area she wanted to stop all the time and pick up dirt and rocks and
plants.. we took a trunk filled with stuff in butter plastic dishes. When we
got home she did a artistic type of design with it all and made a shadow
Got all these rocks and bottles of dirt hanging on my wall...
So Eric if you want to send her one of those rocks ( minerals ) she will pay
you for it..Maybe even swap you for it with one of her prints  :-)
She said she wants a nice bright pink or purple one..beats me why..ha!
oh she just added even some pretty dirt, rock or sand from around your house
would do.I better get out of here before she wants to have you send some
water from her swimming pool...yes I said " Her" because she will be wanting
me to buy your house next..ha!
glad your car melted...I couldn't afford that too..:-)

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It is a mineral mining area, the miners live in the Mine Village. And yes,
that is exactly how it is pronounced...

Here are some references to it:



This link is particularly great for touring that entire area, not for
sight-seeing, but for the completely alien-like pictures of the country in
the dry and arid  Northern Cape.

Another Mine in the same area, but massive, is Sishen Iron Ore Mine,

Enuff! Do a Google search for more...
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  is that really a town..is it pronounced like it sounds...
  hot as ell???

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