[pcductape] Re: New Virus

  • From: "Jan L. Hodges" <Siriuswriter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 00:49:56 -0500

After the first 450 infected messages arrived, I called Earthlink tech
support for a 30 minute exercise in futility. After I explained why I was
calling, the technician told me I shouldn't be using my email address on the
internet because bad people can misuse it.

I actually screamed at him. It took almost 30 minutes to get him to
understand that it was not just me it was happening to and it certainly
wasn't because I signed up for Publishers Clearing House online. Then he
asked if I thought he should report it. I suggested it was a good thing I
didn't know where he lived because I would come try to yank back the time I
had wasted on the phone with him.

I began checking around for another ISP. When I called SBC the first thing I
heard was a recording describing the Swen worm and how it was presenting
itself and exactly what SBC had done to prevent it from reaching its
subscribers as well as what to do if one did slip by and was opened. I
decided that even if the tech support at SBC wasn't much better than
Earthlink at least it would be costing me $6 less each month.

However, I have used Prodigy before just as they were being taken over by
SBC/Yahoo and didn't have any real complaints so I am generally pleased to
be back.

One of my consistent complaints with Earthlink has been slow connection
speeds and disconnects. They always want me to make adjustments to my
computer which I resist. The last changes they had me make prevented me from
being able to get online at all. With SBC, I am still not as fast as I would
like (dial-up only) but it is consistently faster than Earthlink which
usually was around 33kps, sometimes even as low as 16kps. I once connected
and disconnected for 20 minutes until I could get above 33kps.


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