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Scott: Your question is pretty broad not knowing anything about how the
networks are configured, etc.
The problem is one that has to be isolated and that is done by ruling out
the various things like making sure the correct protocols are installed on
machines, is it certain machines that have the problem, are machines
different brands, what type hubs, switches and wiring and Nics etc. being
Have all machines gone to the windows update site and running all the
critical updates and patches\service packs. You have to collect data and use
a systematic approach in trying to come up with the common denominator that
may be creating the problem. Are the networks using T1's, cable, DSL etc. as
each of these can create problems and certain fixes can be applied. Have
gateway, workgroups and either static or DHCP been checked and the subnet
All it takes sometimes is one thing on the network to create the problem.
One intermittent hub etc. I wish there was an easy answer, however, to many
things to consider with what you provided, Microsoft will not be much help
until you sort out what you have from beginning to end for each network.
Sometimes some will try to get by with wiring that has been there for awhile
and it may not be cat 5, it could be cat 3 and this could create problems
depending on how fast the network is configured.
Bottom line you need a starting place and try tracert or other commands to
see where you are failing.

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Just a few URLs to start with. Dave

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Hi Scott,
I'm running Windows xp,home edition, and I lose my connection about 2 times
a week but I know what my problem is;   it's the local power company
I've not heard your situation before.

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Hi, all!

Has anyone seen problems recently, say since the beginning of the
year, with all XP Pro (don't know about Home) computers on a network
losing the connection momentarily?  It shows up in two different ways,
either a red X appears on the connection status icon in the task bar,
or else you try to go to a page in IE, and you get "Page not found" or
something like that, and trying again immediately is successful.  The
problem is especially noticeable when the connection status icon is
turned on, and those annoying balloon tips are enabled.

So far, I've seen it at the business of one of my after-hours
customers, and on my own computer, and one of my co-workers has seen
it at the business of one of his after-hours customers, and also on
his own home network, and another co-worker sees it when he has his
computer at home and his laptop connected via a USB cable. It's the
biggest problem with programs that run across the network, such as
QuickBooks Enterprise version, which is what my customer has, and it's
bad enough to interfere with their work, since they often have to get
out of Quickbooks and then go back in, and sometimes they have to
retype something.  I was told that it was happening every hour or so,
but now, with the balloons turned on, it looks like it's happening
more like twice an hour.  Without the balloons, you either have to try
to access the net at that moment, or notice the X in the tray while
it's there.

So far, about the only common thread that we've found is that they're
all XP systems, and they're all on a network, and, I think, they're
all on cable (via router), although I don't know about the co-worker
with the laptop. Has anyone else seen or heard anything like this?

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