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Hi Scott,

I have seen similar where I am , I work at a ISP and am also the network
manager for our Regional Council, Local area school, etc in our area [in
the middle of the desert]. Though not only on XP but also on Win 2K
occasionally. It seems to happen sporadically and I can't put my finger
to the culprit. Maybe you should do a search at Microsoft Knowledgebase?

Seems that the problem has become less noticable since we upgraded our
network [about a month ago] to only 100 Mb hubs and switches and a lot
of the cabling was renewed with Giga cable, and most of the NIC cards
are 100 too.

For starters I would make sure that all the cabling was 100% and the
connections are seated well, try to make all the switches etc to the
same grade [10Mb versus 100Mb] and so on.

Sorry can't help you more than that. Further questions welcome.




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Hi, all!

Has anyone seen problems recently, say since the beginning of the year,
with all XP Pro (don't know about Home) computers on a network losing
the connection momentarily?  It shows up in two different ways, either a
red X appears on the connection status icon in the task bar, or else you
try to go to a page in IE, and you get "Page not found" or something
like that, and trying again immediately is successful.  The problem is
especially noticeable when the connection status icon is turned on, and
those annoying balloon tips are enabled.

So far, I've seen it at the business of one of my after-hours customers,
and on my own computer, and one of my co-workers has seen it at the
business of one of his after-hours customers, and also on his own home
network, and another co-worker sees it when he has his computer at home
and his laptop connected via a USB cable. It's the biggest problem with
programs that run across the network, such as QuickBooks Enterprise
version, which is what my customer has, and it's bad enough to interfere
with their work, since they often have to get out of Quickbooks and then
go back in, and sometimes they have to retype something.  I was told
that it was happening every hour or so, but now, with the balloons
turned on, it looks like it's happening more like twice an hour.
Without the balloons, you either have to try to access the net at that
moment, or notice the X in the tray while it's there.

So far, about the only common thread that we've found is that they're
all XP systems, and they're all on a network, and, I think, they're all
on cable (via router), although I don't know about the co-worker with
the laptop. Has anyone else seen or heard anything like this?

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