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why are there so many other headings ( sub topics ) listed not having anything 
to do with computers??

It will be interesting to see how long and well pc-ducktape does over here with 
those rules...We pride ourselves for being different and not being just a 
techie nerd group, but more of a computer related chat group. It is our format 
that has kept us apart from all the others and has brought us closer as 

anyone at work know what is causing our 20's...I am not convinced yet that it 
is topica related...but I have not a clue myself...Been leaning to Trojans and 
virus, but that is only a guess...

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No not my conversations, but lists with big volume of mails or many mails with 
attachments are looked at once in a while to make sure they stay on topic - 
BTW, the agreement in the beginning is that these lists are used only for 
computer related email.


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Were they monitoring your conversations???

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