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Hi Carl,

Well, not New Year quite yet, but the Old Year is certainly letting us know
all about it. I am so proud of myself, got up at 5am this morning, cleaned
the swimming pool which has not yet recovered from the two storms we had,
one Friday afternoon in which we received 3 inches of rain in about 30
minutes, and another on Saturday. A hotel, garage, restaurant and numerous
shops were under 4 feet of water and the entrance to the town centre was cut
off because the road was under water. We had hail, with the wind blowing so
strongly that the hail was actually being blown horizontally against the
house. I thought all my windows would be smashed, but luckily none were. The
pool is green and full of leaves & twigs, most of which I have now removed,
but it is a slow process and it is not yet sparkling blue like it was before
the storm. Anyway, I still had my swim at about 5:30 this morning,.

As part of our business, we have Radio Repeaters which are sited on top of
local hills, and of course with all of the lightning, the AC power to two
sites at two different hills had tripped. I had to go to the hills and
restore power (thank heavens for 4x4 vehicles, no car would make it up
there!). From the hilltops, it looked as if our town had a great big dam
running through the centre of it, water everywhere, and fast-flowing too.

I could have kicked myself for not taking a camera with, I didn't even know
this was happening or otherwise I would have. Incidentally, according to my
GPS, the water was flowing through the town where the ground level is 1,327
Metres (slightly more than a yard) and my house is at an elevation of only10
Metres higher than that :)

I'm off to catch my first cup of coffee for the day... (with milk & one


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Hi Eric,
Happy New Year!
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That is brilliant, Freelists are excellent. We have also had a few =20 in
appearing in some Groups listed by the Freelists server, but if people would
only stick to normal text-based mail, then everything is fine. One of the
chief culprits in producing this annoyance seems to be Incredimail.

HNY, everyone!

That Guy In Africa...
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I know this is going to take everyone by surprise but I've changed =
servers and you should post all Q's and comments to =
pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx .  I've had it with Topica and Yahoo.

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