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  • Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:20:05 -0700

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From: Barbara Schonfeld [mailto:bschonfeld@xxxxxxxxx]
Subject: [pcductape] My goof

Sorry my goof did come thru on the list. But I did see that it wasn't what I
wanted to send. I want it to look like a picture-like a 4 x5 snapshot
instead of a huge xray blob.. So any suggestions would be great!

At 08:42 PM 6/4/03 -0400, Emery, David wrote:
The size usually as long as it is in the (K's), that is less then a meg is
fine, however, recognize it depends on if they have a dialup or DSL\cable or
T1 etc. So you have to think of the recipient. I send a meg and half file as
long as they know it is coming and most of them have high speed service.

Two things...

Barbara, if you want a smaller version, use a graphics program to
resize the pic.    (BTW, what the hell IS that body part?)

I agree with David's comment: "you have to think of the recipient".

Even with a slow connection, the questions should be...
How important is this info to the recipient?
Will it need to be printed?


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