[pcductape] Re: My Computer Has Crashed!

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 16:58:57 -0400

Your machine is still trying to install the program, put the cd back in and
click on install and hoepefully it will get rid of the installation error.
Make sure you do not have anything running, shut down the applications by
right-clciking the icons on your systray and closing them. Do this prior to
installing the program but already have the cd in the drive. Lets see how it
goes. :>)
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The program I was installing "Word Perfect suite 7" at the time of the crash
doesn't appear to be in Add/Remove in Control Panel nor is it in Program

I don't find it anywhere, but I've still got the same problems. I've notice
I don't have 
any sound either.This computer came with the sound and evernet network
integrated into the mother board.I had to install a sound board as well as a
56 K
modem. Could either of these devices be causing my problem?

I'm still getting a Visual Studio Installer Loader Error Message:
"The loader cannot find the C:\Windows\Temp\Instamsia.Exe file necessary to
load the windows Installer.
Thank You Much

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