[pcductape] Re: My Computer Has Crashed!

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  • Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 20:46:10 -0400

Sorry I have no easy fix for you Dave, however, it appears you have a lot of
things that require resolution. It will take quite a bit to resolve them
unless we were talking, it is best IMHO to talk to the company if it is
under warranty. Dave
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Hi Again Dave:
I checked the fan and chassis for dust, it's clean. This is a new computer 3
old. I'm thinking like you, there maybe a power supply problem. 

After setting over night it booted up in normal mode like it should. I let
it run for 10
minutes before UN-checking everything in MSCONFIG. It call for restarting so
I did.
Then it started messing up again, After 5 or 6 unsuccessful tries to boot up
I left
it set for 15 minutes. After that it booted up no problem, I let in run for
30 minutes
and it didn't shut off.
I can't get on line because I get a message (communication port invalid or
recommend restart and try again). I can't restart again right away.
I'm about ready to give this up as a hopeless case.LOL
The machine is under warranty, But I bought it on Bidz.com auction and the 
company is in Lincoln, NE. I'm gonna call them tomorrow. I certainly
appreciate everyone's help.

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