[pcductape] Re: My Computer Has Crashed!

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It appears you have crashed, it may have been the program you were
installing, difficult to tell at this time. First thing to do is come up in
safemode, that is start computer and toggle the F8 key and you will come to
a menu, select option # 3 and hit enter, things will look different because
your realmode drivers are not loaing, video etc.
Now right-click my computer and go to device manager and look at each
device, if you find any doubles or triples then delete all of them, work
down thru all the devices. after this then reboot and lets see what happens,
most of the devices unless you have something unique will install
automatically. :>) Dave
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Hi Elaine:
My computer has crashed (I am running Windows 98 SEC Edition) I was
(Coreel Word Perfect suite 7) for Windows 95 and 98 I thought. During the
my computer froze up. It asked for me to put my Windows disk in the CD drive
I did, but it didn't acknowledge I had put it in. As a last resource I hit
the reset button.
Now when I try to boot up, Windows Logo comes on the screen then it changes
to the desktop background with no icons or task bar. An error message window
that says Visual Studio Installer Loader Error. Then sometime it will just
shut off and
go blank.

I've got a floppy disk I bought on Ebay it's called Windows Install Disk,
but it doesn't have any instructions as to how you use it. I can unplug the
computer, put the floppy
disk in and it starts up in DOS with A drive prompt A:\>. After 8 years I
don't remember the DOS commands, however I did manage to get a C:\> prompt
to come
up. I tried typing in Windows and different things, but I keep getting Bad

Can someone Please Help Me save a large in shop repair bill or possible
nervous break down. LOL


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