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Hi Pam,
A proper functioning power supply, should not blow up, even if you short out or
overload one of the supply wires.

Today's power supplies are built to deliver a certain amount of power. If that
is exceeded, they either won't give any more, or they will shut down.

I believe we used to call them crow-bar circuits back in the seventies.

Before that, one could burnup or blow a supply easily.

Anyway, I think it was just time to happen.
Let's say the power supply was slowly going and plugging the board in, increased
it's current enough to finish the job.
Bob Noble
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> Hey Bob,
> I was thinking the same thing but make mine a Diet Coke.
> ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx
> I got a machine in today that appears to have a faulty install of XP, or
> Office XP, or both, based on the information I was given. I haven't powered
> the machine up yet.  Too drained this evening to put my thinking cap on. I
> may have to holler at you guys when I do get on it since the only experience
> with XP that I have is with a smooth running copy on my laptop.
> Meanwhile, back on the home front, and on a different machine, do you think
> it is possible or even likely that reinstalling a card into a machine, same
> card back into the same hole it came out of, could have anything to do with
> a power supply blowing up (complete with cool sound effects and visual smoke
> effects) or is the timing a coincidence? The machine was unplugged for the
> removal of the card and remained unplugged until the card was replaced.  The
> machine is probably in the neighborhood of 6-7 years old (and still running
> a very stable copy of Win 98 even after all that time).
> I bought a new power supply but hesitate to put it in until I have some
> educated opinions on what caused it to blow.  Wouldn't want to repeat the
> excitement.
> Pam

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