[pcductape] Re: Music from Africa

  • From: "Eric Skeen" <northcom@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 21:58:20 +0200

Hi Pam,

Could you please send me your email address? I will send you one or
two songs (separate emails) for you to listen to. Sizes vary from
about 3MB to 5 MB. Can your E-mail server handle this?

Thank you for your offer to assist with my web page, I will definitely
ask your assistance as soon as I have finished building my new
computer table top. It will be four metres long by one metre wide,
then I will have space to do everything I want to. At the moment, this
old work-surface is so crowded...<sigh>...

That Guy In Africa...
My Treetop: http://www.gds.co.za/northcom/
ICQ#  39461303
~ Greetings from Sunny South Africa ~

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Hi Eric,
I've been following this thread because I've never heard this type of
either.  If you have time would you be willing to shoot me over a copy
something/anything representative of this type of music just so I can
I've heard it too?

Also, I noticed your comment about still not being able to access your
website via FTP.  My offer is still good to give it a try for you if
would like.  If so, send the info offlist.


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