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Hi Eric,
I've been following this thread because I've never heard this type of music
either.  If you have time would you be willing to shoot me over a copy of
something/anything representative of this type of music just so I can say
I've heard it too?

Also, I noticed your comment about still not being able to access your
website via FTP.  My offer is still good to give it a try for you if you
would like.  If so, send the info offlist.


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Hi Victor,

Let me know if I can help you with the music, all that I have listed
is currently on my computer anyhow.

Enjoy your "Braai", down lots of "Castle" while you're "braaing", grab
some "Biltong" to chew while you're at it, and "Marmite" goes very
favourably with your "Simba" snacks.

Have a blerry lekker evening, Boet!

Humba Kahle,

That Guy In Africa...
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~ Greetings from Sunny South Africa ~

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