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Thanks for the info - off to to a search and download - looks like this
evening will be spent listening to African music .
Maybe I'll get some of my friends over and we can have a brie at the same

Tot Siens


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Hi Victor,

Err... I profess to not really listen to the rhythmic beat of African music,
but go more for the western culture. Most of the African music is Tribal
vernacular, and means ab-so-loot-ley nothing to me, 'cos I have no idea what
they are singing about.

However, Johnny Clegg and Savuka / Juluka has some good stuff. One of my
favourites is "Scatterlings Of Africa", but there are others such as "Impi"
which is usually sung during an International Rugby match featuring the
'Boks, also "Third World Child" and "The Great Heart", which was the theme
for the movie "Jock of the Bushveld". Also, "December African Rain".

Ladysmith Black Mombazo Hits include: (These are a'capella)
        Shosholoza (brought us luck in the '95 Rugby World Cup when they
        Rain, Rain, Beautiful rain
        Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Not from SA, but their rendition of it is

I don't know of the Mahotella Queens, so can't help you there.

Instrumental music includes the following:
        Hugh Masakela - Grazing In The Grass
        Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata (Vocal)
        Nico Carstens - Zambezi
        Nico Carstens - Warmpatat
        African Jazz Pioneers - Skokiaan (African version)
        Dan Moyane - Shosholoza (A'Capella)
        Ipi Tombi - Mama Tembu's Wedding (From the Show)
        Mango Groove - Special Star (Kwela)
        Miriam Makeba - The Click Song
        Norman Luboff Choir - Mangwane Mpulele (American Choir, Zulu "Peace"
        Rasta Rebels - Gimme Hope Joanna (protest song)
        South African Traditional - Drum Rhythms
        Spokes Mashiyane - Kwela Claude (Traditional African Music)
        Spokes Mashiyane - Kwela Spokes ( = ditto = )

I never saw the movie "The Power of One", so can't help there. But the above
list should get you going.

Happy days,

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