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  • From: "Victor Firestone" <vlfll@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 07:33:38 +0200

Eric ,

Can you pop out from under your boabab tree for a minute and recommend some
real African music for school kids ?
Friend of mine runs a arts and crafts extra curriculm course for 1st to 3rd
graders here and is doing a country by month thingy - she has arrived at
Africa [she ain't being very accurate about things coz Africa is big and
diverse , but for the kids it's okay] and she is looking for good classic
black music and singing - any recommendations - I have already found some
stuff but personally it is not to my taste as it is too "modern", am looking
more for the "a cappella" music type of thing - have so far -
Johnny Clegg
Black queens of Mombasa
Mahotella Queens

Looking for something like the black music/singing from out of the movie
"The Power of One"



TTFN - Vic / 429469

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