[pcductape] Re: Multimedia Audio Controller needs driver

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  • Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 12:52:10 -0800

Hi Carl,
Maybe the sound equipment is on the main board, built in.

Go to the bios and see if it needs to be turned on.

Bob Noble
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Yes I am, however it is not necessary.   One can determine the default sound
equipment by going to Control Panel and open Sounds and Multimedia Properties
and then look under the AUDIO TAB and one can see the name of the sound
equipment.   However I have none.   I have just now made an issue with the
company that furnished me the computer back in 2002, a small Texas company known
as Dell.   Why would they leave off the sound equipment.

Under the "Audio" tab, there is "No Playback Devices" and there is "No Recording
Devices" and there is "No MIDI Playback Devices".


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  Are you comfortable opening the box and reading the brand and model # on the
card?  Then go to that manufacturer's site where they usually have the latest
drivers available for download.  It's what I usually do when I'm piecing a box
together from spare parts laying around.

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    Subject: [pcductape] Multimedia Audio Controller needs driver

    I am trying to install sound on my Windows 2000 Prof and I think I need a
driver for Multimedia Audio Controller and I tried to install one but I cannot
find it on my install disk.  The system suggested that a newer driver is or
maybe available at Windows Update page and I scanned my computer at the website
and it returned a message that no updates are available for Windows 2000 Prof
nor drivers.   So, I go to Knowledge database and can find no driver.   Can
anyone offer suggestions how to get sound on my Windows 2000 Professional
installed on a 2 year old Dell machine with plenty of space free.
    Carl Martin

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