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I just re-read your not and got even more confused by it all?
firebox 1.0 is later version than the 9. you have??
Mozilla and firebox are two different programs..right?
the mozilla version has more whistles than the plain firebox version..right.
Both are put out by the same company..right?
If I want the no nonsense version I would go to the firebox page and download 
the firebox 1.0...right?
If I want the loaded version called Mozilla I would go where?
Does Mozilla and Firebox belong together as two word? Mozilla Firebox.
My understanding is they are two separate browsers, but made by the same 
outfit. called Mozila. Being a bit redundant here as I try to think this thru 
in my own head.

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  My version of Mozilla is version 1.1, 
  My version of Mozilla Firefox is .9

  They are definitely different.
  The Mozilla browser is almost identical to a Netscape browser. 
  The Mozilla Firefox version is different than IE or Netscape or Mozilla. 

  I don't care much for the Mozilla browser I have.
  I love the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  This is a link to the newer version of Mozilla Firefox than the one I have. 
It is called version 1.0, so I would say different than the 1.7.3 that you have 

  Look near the top area of the page in a green box. I see further down the 
page a place to download the 1.7.3 version that you have.


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    Hey Pam & Trapper,

    I noticed you two are using Mozilla Firefox as  your browser of choice.   I 
am trying it out and I do not see any difference between Firefox and Mozilla 
1.7.3.    What say ye?


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