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  • Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:04:47 -0800

Yikes, no fair. All I can get IE to do is get me some web pages and a few cookies. You must be keeping a secret on how to get all the other goodies. :O)

Bob Noble
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From what I have read is that the firefox is suppose to be a lighter version of the mozilla..Can't tell by me though..Just what I read..Haven't bothered to check it thru. I like either one though and have not had any problems with bugs..Diane the other night forgot that I was using the foxfire and I forgot to nuke out the icon for the IE6..So she clicked on that one..I bet we weren't on for a minute and you guessed it..it opened up the computer for every aardvark out there.. I had just finished running this program and that program to squeaky clean the computer and it was now once again filled with rubbish. Cleaned it out again and the next morning ran the foxfire..finished up and looked at the programs to clean her up again and it found nothing..Coincidence....perhaps..but somehow I doubt it.

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