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  • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 10:53:07 +0200

Hi Carl,

Well yes... but Central South Africa, not Central Africa. South Africa is an
independent Country right at the tip of Africa. We are simply located in the
continent of Africa (and I don't really live in a tree house, although it's fun
letting some people think that :)

More info here:

Bob- weather (and lightning!) permitting, I will be watching SA thrash the Welsh
rugby team this afternoon :), or perhaps SA being thrashed by the Welsh :(

That Guy In (South) Africa...
My Treetop: http://www.gds.co.za/northcom/
ICQ#  39461303
~ Greetings from Sunny South Africa ~

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Hi Bob,

I'm betting Eric is involved with work of some sort.   I must not know his
country very well.    A few messages back he described his area as flat with
no mountains.   That sounds like central Africa.

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> Hi Carl,
> No, I'm not using any filters to block sex, but I thought my ISP would,
> but then, people who wanted this stuff would be pissed. So, I guess it all
> makes sense.
> Eric must have gone out to ride his elephant or something. Afterall, it is
> Sat.
> Or maybe it's golf?
> Bob Noble
> www.sonic.net/bnoble

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