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Hi Pam;
Yes this works for win xp but as I say there are no IRQ conflicts showing..!

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I have Win2k but it is very similar to XP. Try going to Control 
Panel/System, then Hardware tab and Device Manager. Now click on View and 
choose Resources by Connection. A new list will appear. Choose the section 
that says Interrupt Request (IRQ). If these instructions don't get you there 
exactly then look around in Device Manager until you do find it. It is 
there. (That is what just did to find the IRQ list for my machine ).

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  I reckon with winxp things are a bit different...
  I see no yellow warning signs.
  As far as I can tell there are no IRQ conflicts going on...?
  Appreciate the time..!
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      not sure..walk me thru it

         Been awhile since I have had to do this, here goes
         In control panel > system > device manager > view devices by 
connection > double click on "computer" another screen opens and then you 
will see 4 choices, one is IRQ. This will show you what hardware device is 
using what IRQ.
         If you see an IRQ not being used then turn it off, then windows 
should re-alocate the IRQ's if you turn one off.
         Example: you are not using a com port, (you will need to turn that 
off in your bios)
       The pic is from a Win98 OS , you will have to look a little bit in 
    HTH and someone with XP may need to help just a bit

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