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  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 20:28:23 -0700

Hi Trapper,
OK if you don't like that approach, when the mouse crashes again, write down the time on the clock.
Now go to the events viewer under administrative tools in control pane.
Look under applications and system for errors at that particular time.
This will likely indicate what is causing the problem.

Haven't got time to get a pic of my tent right now, and besides it's in the bag, at the moment. But it is dome shaped.
It worked very well in the wind and fog at the ocean. Is big enough to almost stand up in and sleeps three, so it was just right for just me. These newer free standing tents are much better than the old stuff I used to use back packing.
Yea, without the tent poles, it would be useless.

Bob Noble
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Hey Bob..send me a picture of your tent..
We have several and the one I like best is my little back packing tent designed for mtn use. We took it with us both times when we bicycled across the USA. Weighs in at 3#. Stuffs into a pannier. What I don;t like is it is almost useless without the poles Found that out the hard way. ha!
Well I really did think this would not be a huge deal. I thought for sure we had this mouse thing all fixed and when I turned it on this morning it froze again. Thought for sure someone would turn me onto some windows patch, or some fix for it. I am sure there is some way we can blame this on MS..Has to be a way ..HA !
Did all that has been suggested so far, except to eliminate the programs running one at a time. The trouble with that approach is the mouse does not freeze up immediately all the time. Sometimes yes as it did this morning and sometimes it can go fine for a day or more...Weird!

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Hi Trapper,
You didn't really think you could just fix this with the snap of your fingers, did you?
I just set up my new tent in my living room. These new tents aren't too bad, compared to my old puptent. :O) I'm headed out for a couple days of kayaking with my Cousin.
Anyway, the point is, I'll be away for a couple days, so lets get this mouse thing fixed.
There is a good chance that the program causing your mouse to stall is a Trojan or something trying to do it's thing and eating up your computers resources.
If you have one of these, you'll likely need a lot more time to fix this, especially if it is a real nasty one. :O)
Bob Noble
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Mouse:

Will check this out today sometime...
get back to you as soon as I can about it. Take forever if I have to go it one at a time to find the error..Yawp!

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