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I reckon with winxp things are a bit different...
I see no yellow warning signs.
As far as I can tell there are no IRQ conflicts going on...?
Appreciate the time..!
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    not sure..walk me thru it 

       Been awhile since I have had to do this, here goes 
       In control panel > system > device manager > view devices by connection 
> double click on "computer" another screen opens and then you will see 4 
choices, one is IRQ. This will show you what hardware device is using what IRQ. 
       If you see an IRQ not being used then turn it off, then windows should 
re-alocate the IRQ's if you turn one off. 
       Example: you are not using a com port, (you will need to turn that off 
in your bios) 
     The pic is from a Win98 OS , you will have to look a little bit in WinXP 
  HTH and someone with XP may need to help just a bit 

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