[pcductape] Re: Money - Money - Money - ? about Win98 access rights

  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:15:30 -0600

MessageThanks for the info and links, Steve and Vic.  I just got in from
Houston, and headed out the door again in a few.  I'll check out the info
tonight when I get back home.  Mid term exam tonight.  Wish me lots and lots
and lots of luck.  I think I'm gonna need it!



  Try this one - www.geocities.com/newsoft02/index.html

  Or something from this page -

  Or maybe  do a search on the following page - lots and lots of programs
here - some are free



  TTFN - Vic

  Without getting into a lot of trouble win XP is the only what I know.
  Windows 98 has nothing to work with he could delete all partitions other
than C:\.
  I seen it happen once.
  With Win-XP you can then really give rights and take away.
  The reason I recommended win-xp is because of games.
  As it is faster and more stable.
  WIn-2000 is not so user friendly.
  On the other hand win-xp with SP-1 is just that.
  Gamers love it.
  SO you have the security you ask about and the ability to give group
  file sharing and permission and play rad-games.
  lots of love to all and God bless.

  Steve Clark
  Moreno Valley, Ca
  Web Master &
  Network Administrator
  Second Baptist Riverside
  Look at someone tomorrow and say God loves you.
  What the world needs now?
  Pray tomorrow as the ultimatum given to Iraq,
   is resolved and we don't loss any of our Sons and daughters.

  Wow, sounds like you had better success than did the rest of our families.

  Does anyone know what type of control or boundaries one can set for users
on Win 98?  The only thing I really want to be able to do is for when my 10
yr old gets on that box he can't access or save files anywhere but in his
own folder.  As for prg's on the machine.... nothing there he can't access,
and most of them he wouldn't care to. But even then I still only want him to
be able to open or save files he makes into the one folder that's his.  It's
not that he's devious, I feel very comfortable trusting him, but that
machine has access to the network and all the files on them, which includes
my work machine and client files and I want to avoid an accidental dissaster
before it happens.
  Suggestions anyone?


    Hey Folks,

    I only did a search in my name for missing money and could find none.
After reading of some of your successes, I searched for "Unclaimed Property"
in the name of my decease father-in-law, Erwin Schroeder, and looks like I
found $900 in his name.  I've asked for a claim form and my wife will submit
it to see if it's really her dad.

    I did a search for my deceased brother Lee Roy Martin and found $300 he
had put up for a bond in a Court (I can't figure if he was arrested or was
trying to buy a house).   I've asked for a claim form for his son.

    I did a search for my daughter and her x-husband (Rick Benson)  and
found $.03 the light company owes him.   I asked for a claim form so she can
get the check for Rick and tell him it's over.

    ps, Keep searching.

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