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  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:13:24 +0200

LOL I was most impressed by the $0.03 that you will be passing on - now
that is a sure fire way to tell the x that things are over!!!!  Hahahahh


TTFN - Vic

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the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics
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Hey Folks,
I only did a search in my name for missing money and could find none.
After reading of some of your successes, I searched for "Unclaimed
Property" in the name of my decease father-in-law, Erwin Schroeder, and
looks like I found $900 in his name.  I've asked for a claim form and my
wife will submit it to see if it's really her dad.
I did a search for my deceased brother Lee Roy Martin and found $300 he
had put up for a bond in a Court (I can't figure if he was arrested or
was trying to buy a house).   I've asked for a claim form for his son.
I did a search for my daughter and her x-husband (Rick Benson)  and
found $.03 the light company owes him.   I asked for a claim form so she
can get the check for Rick and tell him it's over. 
ps, Keep searching.

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