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Hi Pam,
Then, I highly recommend Karen's Replicator. It can be set to copy one drive to the next at whatever time you want.
And the price is right. It's fairly easy to use. It seems to copy everything except some protected log files, that should not make a difference.

Bob Noble
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What I want to set up is automatic mirroring... at least that is how I
understand it will work. I have not worked with raid either.


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Hi Pam, I just set a computer up for my brother simimlar to the one you are getting. I had a lot of trouble doing the Raid stuff, with the sata drives, mostly do to poor documentation. I set up four sata drives with raid 0, raid 0. Two drives operating in parallel as one. and two drives operating in parallel as one for a backup. You can use the hard drive manufacturers mirror software that usually comes with their diagnostics to make the first mirror of the old drive. After that, I recommend Karen's Replicator for backup if that is the way you want to set things up. It will likely be a learning experience if you use the raid stuff. :O) Bob Noble www.sonic.net/bnoble

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