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Hi Trapper,
That's interestig; you & Diane trying to outrun clouds. :-)
Here in Texas, when a lightening storm is coming, get inside a building; do not be in water nor on a paved street wtih water nor on a golf course.

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Ask Eric about the lightening stuff..
I guess your just out..but that would go for anything you had going when the
lightening struck..
Aren't these surge suppressors suppose to protect you?
We don;t get it much up here..when we do it is usually short lived and
scares the tar out of everyone. We get one loud kabob and that's it.
I remember Carl one time Diane and I were in the mountains. We saw the dark
clouds coming in and they were moving fast. Dark and eerie. They came
in..passed right over us. As fast as we could run we could not keep up with
the clouds or get away from them.
It went kabob..seemed like right in front of us..scared the tar out of us
both and then went back to a nice sun shiny day..We commented on how good
our new rain gear was and how dry we were inspite of it all..that was it!
Now the story in the desert with our bikes is another story in itself. When
I was in Ariz. I could not tell if the lightening came up from the ground or
out of the sky..

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