[pcductape] Re: Mirroring hdd's

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Hi Trapper,

We have relatives living in Anchorage, AK and of course we spent some time with them when we were there. They took us to a local steak house restaurant and it was the best steak I've ever eaten. And I've eaten a few in my days. My wife's cousin, Linda Kay Tucker, grew up in Sherman, Texas and moved to Amarillo, TX where she met this cowboy and had two kids, a boy and girl. Then the family moved to California where she left the cowboy and married some other guys; I think she's on her 5th husband. Anyway her kids left for other parts; the daughter when to Alaska and the son went to Key West, Florida. Linda Kay budgets her funds to take two vacations each year; one to Alaska and one to Key West. She likes Alaska best.


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I do know state side Carl that you can get a meal for a much better price

even had a beaver walk up and ask if I had seen Carl..:-)

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