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Hi Trapper,

I agree. Raid is not for me. But there is a lot I do not understand about Raid. Maybe it is a better way. I'll wait and see how Pam does. I did read on that website that Raid is mostly used by ISP's. I guess I just do not understand the concept. The website kept talking about speed; How in the world can "writing" to two different hard drives speed up the process? And the biggest concern is when a power surge, either lightening or otherwise, kills the machine and all what's in it. What then?


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That is precisely what I do and have done for years now..
Never ever had a single problem. Computer has crashed...spam and what have
you plagued the machine to its wits end. bought several new computers. thru
all this my original files are still intact. Some go back to the late 80's,
or early 90's.
Heard about Raid some 5 years back..Looked into it and decided not to go
that way..Mainly because of cost. I am still not convinced that this is the
way to go..but then what do I know? If this is what you want go for it...But
I think I am gonna stay put. But I am still willing to learn! Technology
changes each and everyday.

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