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Good point Sandi,
You will likely have to make a driver diskette from your motherboard cd. When you install xp, near the beginning, you will get a chance to install this by pressing f6 at the appropreate time. If will say this at the bottom of the install screen and you will have to press f6. It is timed, so be quick. This also means your computer better have a floppy drive. As Sandi says, you will need to read the motherboard manual before starting all this. :O) I don't know if you can install this driver from a cd or not. The board I used said to use a diskette.

Bob Noble
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Just make sure the BIOS is set to boot from the RAID and if you get any floppies with drivers, install them during the beginning of the XP installation. The drivers will be for the RAID controller on the motherboard. You're going to have to read the motherboard manual from front to back to find out how to set up an array.


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