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Just make sure the BIOS is set to boot from the RAID and if you get any 
floppies with drivers, install them during the beginning of the XP 
installation.  The drivers will be for the RAID controller on the motherboard.  
You're going to have to read the motherboard manual from front to back to find 
out how to set up an array.

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  Thanks Scott,
  That was enough to remind me. We covered RAID in school about 2 years ago,
  including striping (which came back to me while I was reading). Having not
  used the info since then I had forgotten what it was about. Never learned
  how to implement it but studied more on what both methods are and when one
  is beneficial over the other. Guess I won't be able to say that before long.


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  >Hi Pam,
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  >P> What I want to set up is automatic mirroring... at least that is how I
  >P> understand it will work. I have not worked with raid either.
  >For those who may be wondering what RAID is:

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