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Don't think it is a matter of trusting one or another - rather a matter of whom is going to give me better security . Personally I don't think there is such a thing as too much security.

MS has reasonably come to the desicion that it needs to work on security issues and is trying to stop up holes and exploits that are being found left right and center and not only in Windows. The AV companies are trying to produce a program or suite of programs that will help secure your computer and even more importantly to stop anything that has somehow found its' way into your computer [ be it via trojan, via a program you downloaded, via a program you used and it opened up a channel to the outer world {email program could be such a program}, via an installation and so on and so on] .

Big difference in attitude and in methodology and approach to find a solution to the problem.
BTW, programs such as adaware and spybot are also included in the security camp and work against specific stuff such as cookies, trackware, trojans and so on and so forth.
Might as well add in a firewall or if you are able to, or a router with NAT or hardware firewall.
And most important - common sense.

The "war" against spammers, virii, trojans and worms and things like DDOS attacks and much much more is far from over - and it will get worse before it gets better and I doubt it will ever totally dissappear.

Bob Noble wrote:

Hi Trapper,

You trust MS that much Huh?

I trust MS more than I trust Anti virus companies. :O)
Ms has been making a big effort to make their software more secure.

Bob Noble
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You trust MS that much Huh?


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