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  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 19:36:40 +0200

Hey Trapper,

Seeing you have so much money in your bank account now, how about
grabbing some more and helping this poor okie out:

"Nigerian Astronaut Wants To Come Home"

The url is here...


I must admit I am trying not to lose too much sleep over him... hmmm,
in fact, I ain't been losing *any* sleep over him!

That Guy In Africa...
My Treetop: http://www.gds.co.za/northcom/
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~ Greetings from Sunny South Africa ~

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I get a lot from foreigners claiming they are son of the late great so
so looking for me to place millions into my bank..just send them my
info...Yeah sure..right after I have my coffee.. Can't believe they
anyone is stupid enough to fall for it..

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