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  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 23:01:16 -0500

Very true too.


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>Actually Pam,
>The best protection for these newer virus is to get the latest Microsoft
>updates. I suppose it never hurts to update your antivirus stuff too. :O)
>The trend I'm seeing lately is Microsoft's updates are protecting
>computers from
>all these new things.
>Bob Noble
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>Subject: [pcductape] Re: Message problem
>> Hi Scott,
>> My AV just told informed me that this email was infected with Netsky.P. I
>> wasn't even in my email program when it came in and oddly enough
>there is no
>> visible attachment with it.
>> Very odd.
>> After the one I got yesterday that was also a Netsky variant
>that tried its
>> best to download itself to my machine but I wouldn't let it, and now this
>> ..... anyone who isn't protected or up to date with their anti-virus
>> protection would be wise to do so.
>> Pam

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