[pcductape] Message problem

  • From: BREZZ132@xxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 23:01:37 EDT

Lately, I have been receiving messages that seem to indicate that an E-mail 
I've sent - - - was returned as "undeliverable".  But the person whom I have 
sent this E-mail is NOT in my address book and is unknown to me.  Here is what 
the "return message" says - - - - - - -

FROM: Mailer-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
TO: brezz132@xxxxxx   (My address)
Your message is infected by a virus: I-Worm.NetSky.q
Original recipient: rfc822; <donnalg@xxxxxxxx>
Now I don't know this "donnalg" and I certainly haven't sent them an E-mail.  
What concerns me the most, is that my system might be sending out a virus to 

I've run two anti-virus programs and a spyware check on my system - - - but 
they don't report 
a problem.   Any ideas??????

Thanks, Jupiter Matt (brezz132@xxxxxx)

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