[pcductape] Re: Mad.exe update

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 01:07:31 -0500

Hi De!
I have a Kodak digicam w/software installed and I ran a search for mad.exe
and came up empty.  Mine is an Easy Share model CX6330.  Don't know if that
helps any.

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> Hi all
>    As I look through pages from my google search I see a reference to
> software. I know that Kodak software is installed on this computer. Could
I get
> someone that is using Kodak camera and software to do a search on their
> computer to see if this file ( mad.exe ) turns up on your machine?
>   TIA
>              just a little more info from Google search about this file;
>        If move you mouse over the file called "Mad" you will find a
> name and their webpage is <A
>                                     More info;
>      Hopefully this page can be some kind of resource to all the confused
> people who wonder what Motive Chorus Daemon is. The consensus is that it
seems to
> be some kind of semi-benign spyware/technical support component that is
> to commercial software. I seem to have gotten from my digital camera
> software.

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