[pcductape] Re: MSN Messenger Problem

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  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 15:40:01 -0500

What that is telling you about is different than the "MSN Messenger" you
referred to. To kill *this* messenger go back to the Services Window we were
talking about the other day, and locate "Messenger" in that window. Disable
it. Nothing to reinstall.
Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services


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>ACK!  That was it!!!  Now I'll have to reinstall it so I can kill it.  LOL
>Thanks Bill.
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>| There is a very small utility program that will disable  MS Messenger
>| available free at     http://grc.com/stm/shootthemessenger.htm
>| ......Bill
>| > [Original Message]
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>| > Subject: [pcductape] MSN Messenger Problem
>| >
>| > I just installed SP2 on my XP Pro box and now when I open Outlook
>| > MSN Messenger opens!  I had found a way to get rid of it before but I
>| don't
>| > remember how I did it.  I've already checked in the options menu and
>| > the way it always was.  I also made sure that it's not in the Run
>| of
>| > the registry.  Any ideas?
>| >
>| > Sandi

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