[pcductape] Lost Money

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 03:48:04 -0600

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the neat tricks to use with Opera.   Btw, have you
searched the net for lost money.

See if you have missing money.   Go to


 ...click...."Owners...click....."Find Property"...click...
Choose the state...click "GO".   Then, click on the state
website link...
Click in "Search on line for your property"


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  Subject: [pcductape] neat feature of Opera

  For those who use the Opera browser and google, you don't
have to go to google to search, just type in the address line
"g" followed by a space, then yourSearchCriteria.  Example:  g
beadie critters

  Other cool shortcuts, used the same way as above are:
  a - AllTheWeb
  s - Super
  z - Amazon.com
  n - news
  t - TechTracker
  d - Domain Name
  i - image
  v - video
  m - mp3/audio
  r - Google groups
  p - price comparison
  o - Opera support
  f - find in page

  If you need a quick lookup of this list go to
File/Preferences then Search.

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